Wall mount Xbox One S and One X - GameVspaceX

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GameVspaceX vertical support for Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

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HeightXBOX ONE X 30.5 CM; XBOX ONE S 30.0 CM
Width24.0 CM
Depth7.50 CM
Weight0.692 KG

You buy a wall mount and then decide to change the Xbox model?

This is the reason why Borangame decided to launch this new GameVspaceX line, a complete series. The vertical wall mount is compatible with Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

The various models of Xbox have a significant weight and need a durable and quality material. We diversify ourselves from the rest because we have chosen the black powder-coated iron.


GameVspaceX is composed from three parts that together ensure a solid position and a greater stability thanks to the fixing on the wall in two points avoiding accidental falls and keeping the console safe on the wall. The console is inserted into the GameVspaceX and locked by a top arm preventing any possible sliding. The central piece consists of several holes, depending on the console you have, you will choose which one to use. Furthermore, the product has been designed to allow complete access to the ports and air vents.

To assembly it, you will need a screwdriver and a 8-mm wrench and for the wall-mounting a drill with a 10mm drill bit. Screws and dowels are included.


Borangame helps you to significantly reduce space, place the console in plain sight, without sacrificing appearance and usability!

Note: the console and the controllers are not included.



  • Do you need to drill the wall to hang the support? It is necessary to drill the wall in two points with a drill.
  • Can I hang it on a wooden wall? Provided it is of a strong wood.

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