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GameHangarNew for PS4®, Slim and Pro, PS3®, Xbox® 360, Xbox® One S, Xbox® One X and flat tv wall mount with cooling fans, 2 game pads space, secure push fit design, exclusive product.

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Height44 CM
Width44 CM
Depth10 CM
Weight4 KG

Wall Mount With Cooling Fans For Your videogame console and Your Flat Screen TV

Borangame presents you an exclusive product that will securely organize your gaming devices together on the wall and save you space. With its steady and compatible TV mount and the convenient videogames console stand of many features, the Mount PS TV is a unique organizing asset for every gamer.

All the screws necessary for mounting are included in the package with your order. You will also receive special spiral wrap cable protectors with their cable clamps, an exclusive offer you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t try to mount the TV on the MountPSTV on your own, it’s a two-person job!

Superior Gaming Organization!

MountPSTV helps you organize and enhance your gaming space in many ways:

  • Declutter your space from TV furniture

  • Protect your videogame console from rough handling

  • Organize every cable neatly with our spiral wrap cable protectors

  • Store both of your gaming controllers in their individual slots

  • Charge them on the videogame console's USB hub ports

Convenient and Protective videogame console Stand

You can easily place your videogame console on its vertical stand with a simple push. It is designed to fit perfectly. There’s no effect on performance in the vertical position. Its non-slip, rubber feet protect against accidental knocking over and its USB hub of 3 ports is a convenience for any gamer!


Coated with high density powder which results in a tougher item, applied with paint that protects against scratches and with strong iron as basic material, our wall mount will be of service for a long time in top condition. The most suitable item to keep your TV and gaming console safe on the wall.


ATTENTION: Due the many types of TV in the market the TV mount is not provided. Our GameHangar is compatible with quite all models.

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