Horizontal wall mount Xbox and PS4 - GameSide Bundle Double Shot

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GameSide Bundle Double Shot horizontal wall mount with multicolor led light for PlayStation®4 first series, Slim and Pro, Xbox® One first series, One S and One X, and all versions of PlayStation®3Xbox® 360!

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Height42.5 CM
Width43.0 CM
Depth42.0 CM
Weight7.10 KG
Are you an Hard Core Gamer? Do you like make comparision? You do not want to miss any new videogames?
This is the mount for you! Set both your Playstation® and Xbox® in one unique place.

With the wall mount horizontal GameSide Bundle Double Shot can finally show your console in a new unique and innovative exhibit with led light. With the GameSide wall mount you can place your console easy and secure at the wall next to your TV or monitor and plug all the cables and any power supply on the back so there will be no more tangles in sight! It installs easily to the wall with 4 plugs supplied and you can safely place your console thanks the sturdy lower shelf that make GameSide horizontal compatible with the Playstation®4 first series and Slim, Xbox® One first series and S, and ALL versions of Playstation®3, Xbox® 360! The buttons, ports usb, hdmi and network are affordable and the cooling system also takes advantage by the dissipation provided by the GameSide's high-strength metal.


The GameSide is composed of these parts: vertical support, the supports for 2 pads, 2 shelfs to lock the consoles and plugs for wall mounting and multicolor led strip usb.


The console and its accessories (Pad, and cables) are portrayed in the images for illustrative purposes only and are not supplied by us.


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