GameHull wall mount & desk organizer

48,80 € tax incl.

GameHull PlayStation® and Xbox® series wall mount & desk organizer by Borangame®, 2 game pads & 4 game cases space, exclusive product, bonus spiral wrap cable protectors.


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Exclusive Wall Mount And Desk Organizer For Your video game console

Borangame® gives you the best product to help you organize your gaming space, protect your Playstation® or Xbox® console, game pads and game cases. Use as a wall mount that will hold your gaming unit securely on the wall of your choice and a more presentable gaming room, or set it on your desk, enjoying the same security and easier, faster access.

All the screws necessary for mounting are included in the package with your order. You will also receive special spiral wrap cable protectors with their cable clamps, an exclusive offer you won’t find anywhere else.

Organizing Space, Charging Controller Slots

GameHull gives you the space for 4 game cases, and storage slots for both of your controllers. Even more convenient, your controllers are charged while you store them, always ready for a gaming session!

No Assembly Required, Simple Mounting

Our organizing unit comes in one complete piece, so if you decide to not mount it on a wall, there’s no work involved at all! The mounting procedure itself is straightforward and you can be done with installation in a few minutes. Hold steady on the wall in the right angle, mark the spots through the holes and apply the screws for a secure mounting.

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