Borangame PS4 VR Viewer and Controller Wall Mount

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Borangame Sony PS4 VR Viewer Wall Mount - Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Viewer Console, Headsets, Controller, Power Supply, Cables and Control Centre Holder - Gaming Accessories for Home or Game Rooms

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Don’t have a safe space to store your PS4 VR Viewers?

After an exhilarating game, you shouldn’t be preoccupied with how fun and exciting your game was—especially when you’re playing in Virtual Reality. Don’t you think it’s vital to store your devices in a secure and safe storage to uphold their quality?

Once you decide to leave your gadgets in a heap of clutter, you also risk your expensive PS4 and VR Viewer’s condition. However, with so little space in your home, you can’t afford large fixtures to put them away.

Give your favourite gaming set a cosy and sheltered storage space with the Borangame Sony VR Viewer Wall Mount!

Our VR headset holder lets you mount your devices to keep your VR viewers in check after use. The rack is made from high-quality steel with exceptional toughness for added stability and resistance against impacts and dents. The coloured powder-coating of the mount’s frame shields it from scratches and scuffs.

Compared to most wall mounted holders on the market, ours can store your Sony VR Viewer, its command centre, power supply, cables and the 2 controllers. This essential gaming and storage accessory will make your gaming setup more organised.

The wall mount feature a sleek black finish. They’ll complement the look of your desk, table and gaming system while providing a functional storage space for your beloved gadgets. (Sony accessories shown in the photos are not included.)

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to help you make a decision:

✅ Screws and dowels are included in the package ✅ Maintains firm stability despite constant shaking and quivering ✅ Designed and made in Italy

You now have a reliable and space-saving storage for your Sony VR set! Add Borangame Sony VR Viewer Wall Mount to your basket TODAY!