Borangame Horizontal Game Mount for PS4 and VR

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Borangame Horizontal Game Mount for All PS4 Models - Gaming Console Storage Accessories - Holder for Sony VR Visor, Games Controller, Command Centre, Power Supply, Cables and Headset - Black

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Need a space-saving storage to keep your gaming consoles and accessories?

Keeping your expensive and delicate gaming consoles and devices’ safety and condition should be your first priority after enjoying a well-deserved game in your PS4. Aren’t you afraid of your gadgets getting scratched from impacts due to your negligence and improper storage practices?

As much as you want to give them a sheltered space in your room, you have a limited area. You can’t afford to add large fixtures considering your current gaming setup. If only there were an efficient way to store your consoles.

Keep all your PS4 stuff safe with Borangame’s space-saving and heavy-duty Horizontal Game Mount!

Our PS4 wall-mounted stand gives your home and gaming den a suitable storage space for your gaming consoles and accessories. No need to put them in an overly large furniture. Place your PS4 controllers, headseats, VR viewers and console command centre for safekeeping and hassle-free access.

All our horizontal wall-mounted stands are guaranteed to last for many years. They are made from 2mm-thick metal. Plus, each piece is polished and coloured with anti-scratch powder coating for exceptional durability and stability.

Once affixed in your room or beside your gaming desk, our wall shelving can maintain a stable and firm impression. You won’t notice any unsightly wobbling or quivering.

Still not convinced? Here are more features to help you make a decision:

✅ We included all screws and dowels needed for assembly and mounting

✅ Use 10 mm tip when fixing the product on your wall

✅ Compatible with all models of PS4 on the market

✅ Designed and built in Italy

Your Xbox and PS4 consoles are in dire need of a reliable storage space. Add the Borangame Horizontal Game Mount to your basket TODAY!

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