Borangame Filo PS4 SLIM Console Wall Mount Bracket

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Borangame Filo PS4 Slim Console Wall Bracket - Playstation 4 Floating Shelf for Bedroom or Living Room Wall and Gaming Desks - Anti-Scratch Clips, Chrome Body, Easy Mount Bracket – Made in Italy

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Wish you can store your PS4 SLIM without buying large and space-consuming fixtures?

Safekeeping your PS4 gaming console is vital in keeping their prime condition and safety. It can be heart-breaking when someone accidentally steps on or heaves your device as you play your favourite game. You wouldn’t want this to happen, would you?

Most people install expensive and bulky equipment near their desk or gaming station. But you don’t have to burn a hole through your pocket to keep your PS4 Pro nicely sheltered and scratch-free.

Protect your PS4 SLIM with the Borangame Filo PS4 SLIM Wall Mount!

This shelf is made from steel wire with a 4.8mm diameter, and a sleek chrome finish. The well-designed build and tough construction will come in handy for your daily use and abuse.

Our PS4 SLIM wall-mounted storage will stay with you for many years to come. The mount’s lustrous neutral colour will look good with your desk or table and complement any furniture, décor and room motif. Moreover, our product ensures a scratch-free and impact-free storage for your consoles.

They’ll be safe from falls, thanks to the grip’s firm and heavy-duty fastening. Instead of leaving your PS4 SLIM lying around on the floor or beside the rest of your belongings, neatly place them on this wall mount. It maintains an optimum distance between the wall and the console to prevent overheating when in use.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to help you make a decision:

✅ Unique and exclusive design

✅ Made in Italy

✅ Especially made for PS4 SLIM

 Make sure you have the best gaming accessories for your device. Add Borangame Filo PS4 Wall Mount to your basket TODAY!