Borangame: by gamers for gamers


You never thought that your console, your source of entertainment and of fun, deserved more?



I'm not talking about hardware upgrades or general upgrades, I'm talking about the console itself, the object itself, the area in which it is located, the position in which you have put it. Have you ever thought about the fact that you left for months, even years, or more, your sources of entertainment there, in disarray, on the first place available, never dedicating the real space they deserved, after all that made you have fun?
Here, this is exactly what I thought in the now far away 2012. But let's take a small step back first

My name is Marco Boranga, and first of all I am a gamer. Indeed, perhaps it is better to say that I have always been. Since I was a child (I still had hair!) I've always had a huge passion for videogames. You're probably wondering how I got into them at the time, since we're talking about a few years ago. Your curiosity is immediately answered: at the time there was not the technological availability of today's world, but computers already existed. Given my passion, I learned and started to program in DOS just to create the first video games, clearly very trivial and certainly not as elaborate as those today. I still remember when, in 1998, I switched from computers to consoles, as I saw in them a specific source for my enjoyment, unlike the computer that was also useful for other purposes.


You have to know that I grew up in a family that works with metal materials, especially iron, since the early 1900s, and, as was normal at the time, I joined the company from a very young age. The work took me a long time and, considering the fact that I had also started a family, the moments to think about my personal enjoyment and the consoles were practically zero. So much so that, to devote myself to my main passion, I had to wait for everyone to go to bed and then deserve a few moments of leisure.


All the daily commitments were taking away what was the first passion, the one I had since I was a child, that is the one for videogames.


More and more, while time went on, I felt the need to have my own space, a place where to have moments of relaxation that would allow me to switch off and disconnect from the rest, even if only for a short time. I felt the need for a reserved space, away from possible clumsy hands; a physical space protected by the family, by people who can touch, even just by mistake.


In short, I felt the need to create my own living space as a player.


Maybe you have not yet experienced the joy of having children, but I imagine you can understand the same feeling in case you have one or more people with whom you share a house: there is always someone who, by mistake, comes dangerously into contact with your console. Constantly. It often happened to me with children, being small and curious they always had a tendency to want to touch the consoles. But I know for sure that at least once it happened to you, with indiscreet hands that, not specifically, put your source of entertainment at risk. It is not so?


In short: I needed to protect my passion and create my own personal game room, even if I had little to no space available.


Because in addition to the economic value (the consoles are not that you give them), what would have disturbed me very much in any damage was the emotional value, linked to the source of my daily relaxation, of leisure from all common problems of life.


I still remember that day of 2012, as if it were yesterday: I was playing, but my mind was focused on the problem I had been suffering for days. I wanted to find a solution to design this protected and reserved space. I wanted the console to have its own space, same thing for the pads; I wanted to give value to this space, perhaps with specific lighting; I also wanted, since I was there, to find a solution for that infinity of cables that were untangled here and there like snakes scattered around the room. I tried to find some solutions, but at the time I did not find anything that satisfied me.


Given my experience in metal work I said to myself: "Marco, you have to design it and make it yourself". There was no other way around it. I spent a few hours of the following weeks creating a feasible project for the realization of this space, for the creation of a real votive altar for my console. After days of planning, numerous errors and problems of various kinds, I had come to a solution, which at the time seemed the top.


I had created, without knowing it, what would have been the first support of Borangame.


Once finished, I took it home to test it, in what then became the "experimental" zone of all my new projects and console products. The result was optimal: the console now had its own space, out of reach of indiscreet hands. The cables were arranged and ordered like never before. The fruit of my entertainment was now safe, supported by sturdy metal brackets, protected from possible knocks or vibrations of various kinds. Above all, my console was now there, in its special space, a space that was definitely deserved.


A few days later some friends went to see me. They too have the passion of videogames; you know, similar people have friends with the same interests. I showed them what I had created: I was curious to know their opinion. Contrary to what I would have expected, they did not give me positive feedback. They found that, given my skills with metal, I could do much better. The design was trivial, the brackets too big, the console little appreciated. In fact, they were right. Only me was too satisfied with what I had created to realize it myself. Initially discouraged, I then reasoned on the words of my friends: in fact they were right, I could do much better, and without incredible efforts! And so I did. I took the project and I improved it everywhere, paying attention to every little detail.


I made it, installed at home, and called again those friends who had rejected me the first version. Do you want to know how it went? Well, they were so enthusiastic about what I had created, that they wanted one for themselves as well, to install on their home. I made a dozen prototypes, which I then gave to close gamers friends; I was glad that they too had a space dedicated to their source of entertainment and relaxation. I have to say with pride that everyone has gladly accepted my gift. He liked it so much that one of them, one evening, asked me why I had not yet sold it. In fact, I never thought about it. As a craftsman I was, I had thought about making the product in very small series, never to put it on the market. Only this worm that had put me in mind, was not a bad idea at all.


The ironworking company was already there, I would have to do some advertising and see if the product was purchased. Also this time, so I did, and this time it went well. I created Borangame and started distributing the supports, moving from small to large production thanks to high-tech machines that were available in the company.


I have continued to work on projects that are more and more carefully designed to improve the media again and again , up to the introduction of the fans on the metal shelf, the LED lights, systems to hide both the transformers and the cables..
At home I still keep the "experimental" position to test all the ideas that come to mind, try new projects, see if the new solutions are actually better than the old ones.


And in all this, I never stopped playing.


I created Borangame as a player (you can find me for a game for Playstation and for Xbox) analyzing the problems that probably you, like me in 2012, are facing:you're not putting enough emphasis on what makes you detach from the world, this that makes you relax, what entertains you and so you do not have a gaming space worthy of the gamer in you!


And I came to create the only console shelves guaranteed for life in the world.


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