Discover who is behind Borangame

Hi! I am Mark and I love to play videogames also after eight hours of work!
This passion was born when I was young. After the school I usually met me with my friends to play together: hours on hours to challenge on competitions, runs and battles!

Was it 2014, when I have wondered "why not to create something safe where to place our console?" I remembered some daily scenes that could happen as for exemple pad left out place, cables messed up, the console moved dangerously from a place to the another..

This is how Borangame is born!

Borangame is an Italian design brand and our products are sold both in Italy and all over the world. Wall mounts are made of iron because it is an excellent heat sink and are coated with a high density powder. We strive every day to gather your feedback to improve more and more. Thanks to your help we are able to create quality products, at affordable prices and valid from every point of view!

This is the my project. This is Borangame!