Is there still something that fights against you from buying what could definitely transform your gamer life?


Do you feel you do not have enough information to become a real gamer?

Or maybe you do not trust us? It is comprehensible! So give us another chance and read below what your "colleagues" who have already taken the big step have to say.

You can find many experiences, useful tips and some extra reassurance!

Then you will have no more excuses! If you decide not to buy it, it will only be for one reason: you do not have the courage to become a real gamer! When you find it, and we are sure that you will, we will meet again here and finally we will welcome you in our big family.

Enjoy the reading! And I recommend, the day when you too will become part of the circle of real gamers, don't t forget how useful the testimonies were for you, publish yours too!   


Elegant and high quality.
"Solid, elegant and well-made support. Highly recommended. I came from a bad experience with a Chinese cheaper support. After seeing my console fall down, I chose to direct myself to an Italian product. I should have done it before!"


High quality.
"I was surprised by the quality of the product! Laser cutting, perfect painting, no sharp edges (I have seen other unrefined brands). Custom box and attached pressure caps and spiral cable. What can I say? Congratulations!"


Borangame,  you can hardly live without.
"Choose Broangame means first of all join a world of quality, which you can hardly live without. Products made with care, tailor-made for the customer and with a great nerd fascination. Of course if you have to think of a console, video games or controller support the first thought, the second and so on, can only be addressed to Borangame."


Excellent product.
"Excellent product, easy to assemble, detailed instructions. Professional seller."


Great experience.
" I had a great eperience, ready staff, kind and available for anything. I will buy again for sure. "


Very Good
" Was so pleased when I came across this, fantastic to not have any cables showing its on the wall out of way would highly recommend! "